Big release today

This one marks the usage of my weighted function

Today I finally released a bit milestone for avcud. This project started with me wanted to use a weighted function that takes into account the box office, oscars and IMDB scores. Up until now the app was serving movies sorted just by box office. Why? Because it’s what data I had. Today though this changes. My weighted function is in play!

Firstly I had to ingest a bunch of data from the IMDB files. To achieve that my good friend Paris created a tool that helped me combine two of those lists into one file. The file had to combine only movies and only the ones that had a corresponding rating. After finishing this task we found out that there were better ways to achieve what we did. But we had fun all the same! So at that point I had the data from IMDB.

Next was getting the data for the oscars. To get those I just scrape the Wikipedia page that contains that data. That’s dead easy with Python. With that all I had to do was combine the three. And combine I did. My function is 0.4*box-office + 0.2*oscars + 0.4*IMDB. Finally I sort things and send them over. Lift-off!!


My app is slow. I am already caching the call to get the box-office data as this is the same for each year. No changes. I will now look into caching Oscars and the calls to my database for the imdb metadata. This will improve things slightly but the biggest hog isn’t there. The worst performing part is getting the metadata from I need to find something to speed this up. An idea would be to save that data in my DB and check there first, if they don’t exist then call themoviedb. But that’s wasting resources on my side. I will try caching those locally in my app in a simple dictionary and observe the performance. I’ll keep you posted.


Next is frontend. I have a few bugs to iron out and then some very nice features. The first will be an explanation under each movie regarding the position it has in the sorting. It will be a text for now saying why is this here? that once you hover over it will give you info. Next will be clicking on the movie and going to its own page. Finally I will change the URLs so when you search it changes to something like so you can link back to it or share it with friends. At some point I will need to figure SEO too.

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